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April’s PSA: Keep talking and monitoring. Be present, connected, and responsive. A consistent message that youth alcohol use is off-limits needs to be communicated by all adults in the home. Parents and teens can talk strategies, so teens have an out, easy ways to avoid using and get help from their parent/guardian, if they end up in a situation where youth alcohol or other substance use is occurring.

February’s PSA: It is important to monitor, develop family rules, set clear boundaries and expectations about youth alcohol use. Evidence shows alcohol availability and easy access are related to underage alcohol use. Reduce the opportunity for underage drinking by carefully storing and monitoring any alcohol that may be in your home.

December’s PSA: You may think you don’t have their attention, but they really are listening. Conversations can be short and you can communicate your love and remind your teen that you want them to not use alcohol because you don’t want them to have to deal with the impact and consequences of underage alcohol use. There are many ways to deliver the message, be creative! When you witness something that is an example of how alcohol use can impact teens’ lives, use the opportunity the teachable moment provides, to talk with each other about what you have witnessed.


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Anuncio de servicio público de abril: Sigue hablando y monitoreando. Debes estar presente, conectado y receptivo. Todos los adultos del hogar deben transmitir un mensaje consistente de que el consumo de alcohol de los jóvenes está prohibido. Los padres y los adolescentes pueden discutir estrategias por si terminan en una situación en la que se está consumiendo alcohol u otras sustancias, para que los adolescentes cuenten con maneras fáciles de evitar el uso y de obtener ayuda de sus padres/tutores.

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